About Us

Adptx Labs is a unique initiative by Aarav Solutions which aims to create learning opportunities that bring you to the forefront of industry reality. With the latest technology, industry partners and live interactive classes with people who are experts in their domain and are working professionals with decades of experience, we equip our learners with skills they need to land the jobs they want and build the career they deserve.


For almost a decade, Aarav Solutions has believed in the power of technology to drive change. Owing to our strong cultural connect we have grown faster and stronger each year. With a first-hand experience in the advantage of primeval wisdom, we want more people to attain this power and create a better world for everyone.

Adptx Labs has been created with the intent to open our innovation labs for learners who wish to invest their creativity and time to technological innovation.

Adptx Labs is a collaboration that aims to bring together, learners in need of knowledge and businesses in need of innovation. Students will find job-ready skills. And businesses will find technological solutions, along with high performing employees here. This is our effort to give back to the society which has always supported our work and believed in our abilities.


We aim to create a dynamic education platform that benefits learners and businesses alike. Adptx Labs will be a knowledge base for thousands of learners and a medium for higher education that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere on the planet.

Learners will engage with Adptx Labs to gain skills that not only enhance employability but augment their judgement and acumen with ancient concepts that hold relevance even today.

Businesses will engage with Adptx Labs to find custom-made technological innovations that improve their business efficiencies for the long term.